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Unfortunately, it is a fact that, as a person ages, their skin also changes. You will often see people of the same age with entirely different skin. The solution, to keeping one’s skin attractive is using the right products on a regular basis. This is the same with men as well as women.

For years, men were more or less ignored in the skin products market. Today, there is a new men’s care company that has a kickstarter campaign. This company, named SA.AL&CO is located in the Austrian Alps and based in Vienna, Austria.

Using only natural ingredients, essential oils and fresh spring water from the Alps, the result is a pleasant product that leaves one not only looking but feeling good. This product has become popular with men regardless of their occupation and is available Online.

Noting the problems men have with their skin, especially those who are active in the outdoor area, Istavan Laszioff became founder and CEO of this company, He was joined in this venture by his friend Michael Sarnitz. The end result was the development of a product is produced for men only,

Especially designed for the conscientious man, these products include:

• Shaving Crème

• After Shave Balm

• Light Moisturize

• Deodorant

• Hair & Body Wash

Other products for men are currently being developed.

Shaving is a chore many men dislike due to the roughness of the whiskers against the softness of the skin. SA.AL&CO Shaving Crème, combined with SA.AL&CO After Shave Balm changes this into a routine that is looked forward to. The pleasant odor and refreshing feel of a smooth skin make it a pleasurable experience.

After a hot sweaty day or preparing for an evening out, the Hair and Body wash leaves a refreshing feeling with a delicate but distinctive odor.

Men, as a rule, have thicker and rougher skin than women, which makes their skin age faster and develop problems. If they treat their skin on a regular basis it is obvious the cause of things such as acne or chapped areas is reduced.

Regular bar soap is known to dry out the skin. The use of the SA.AL&CO moisture, after using soap, will keep pores from clogging and remove dry skin. This will help avoiding what can become a serious problem.

The SA.AL&CO is quickly becoming known throughout the world for its excellent products for men. All products are thoroughly tested prior to being placed on the market. This is an excellent source of a product, made especially for men, that produces pleasant and healthy results.