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Don’t worry, parents. With the world we live in today, there is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to the protection and whereabouts of your kids. If you feel like you are overprotective, the news gives us reasons to be paranoid daily because of the crazy, violent things that seem to be constantly around us. But one really cool thing about this progression in technology is that there are some incredibly useful tools out there that are for more than just entertainment and pleasure. So for all the tentative parents, have no fear! Check out some of the apps below that will help keep you clued in to the world of your children.

1. mSpy
This app is the number one used tracking app for phones today, and you can do so much more than just GPS tracking with this useful phone application. This app allows you to see who your kids call, what apps they use, who they text, the amount of contacts they have, and of course, GPS tracking. Want to catch your kid in the act of sneaking out? This app will most definitely help you get the proof you need for that, and so much more.

2. Lassy Project
Think of this as upgrade from the typical Amber Alert. Because when a child goes missing time should not be wasted, Lassy Project sends out a picture of the child, as well as map coordinates to the last known location, in just seconds. It targets those gone missing in your area specifically as well. If you want more than just Amber Alert, Lassy Project is one you will want to add to your list.

3. The Phone Sheriff
This is the perfect app for parents who want to limit their child or teen’s screen time. In the technologically advanced world we live in today, it is rare that children get enough reading time in a day. Want your kids to read more books? The Phone Sheriff will literally shut down and lock your kid’s phone after the specific amount of time you have previously set for it to turn off. So a half hour of screen time can really mean a half hour of screen time!

4. MamaBear
Worried about your kid being a crazy driver with their two day old license? The MamaBear app allows you to see the speed your child is driving from your phone. Fret no more, you’re in control now!

5. Mobicip
Mobicip puts restrictions on middle school and high school level teen’s online abilities. On the middle school level, you can block dating, alcohol, and gambling sites, and on high school sites you can prevent them from using any sites that include violent or adult sexual content.

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