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Daughters rely on their dad’s example to decide the type of man that should interest them one day. While you may want your little princess to stay ltiny all of your life, realize that is not going to happen. Set a positive example before her.

Praise Frequently

Your daughter will face some very tough days during her life, so fill her childhood with praises from you. She will draw strength from it even after she is grown. Therefore, you should make sure that you are praising her often. When you do, make sure that you are specific in what you appreciate about her. Praising appropriate behavior will encourage her to act that way more often.

Set Boundaries

While the boundaries will change as she matures, your daughter needs you to set clear boundaries. Let her know the consequences for breaking your boundaries before she breaks them. Then, be man enough to live up to your word, and punish her when she does wrong. You may find that you have to hide your own emotions, but she relies on you to be her parent and not her friend.

Be Available

Many grown women look back on their childhood with regret because they say their dad was never really there for them. Realize that she is your top priority from the moment that she is born. Cuddle up and read a book together. Go to her school performances. Help her with her homework as it will encourage her to do her very best. Plan special activities just for the two of you.

Meet her Friends

Make sure that you know all your daughter’s friends when she is young. Continue this habit as she matures. She will choose the right type of friends when she realizes she must introduce them to you.

Show Acceptance

Your daughter will go through lots of stages before she is grown. Some of them may make you want to run away and hide. Unless the phase is harmful in some way, make it a point to show acceptance of who she is because it will guide her in discovering who she truly wants to be some day. While you may want her to be in ballet and gymnastics, realize that she will be perfectly healthy tumbling in the mud if that is her choice.

That little baby girl you held at the hospital is counting on you to be her dad. Step up to the plate and be the man she needs you to be.