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Olivier Lavau-Wira

Devoted Father, Lifelong Athlete, and International Explorer

Olivier Lavau-Wira

olivierlavauwira-headshot-1Olivier Lavau-Wira is a dedicated father, fitness enthusiast, and international traveler currently based in Chile. An accomplished shipping executive, both Olivier’s personal and professional lives have spanned the globe, shaping his love for exploration and embracing new experiences.

Born in France, Olivier grew up in the southern part of the country, near the city of Lyons. He moved to Paris to finish his studies as a teenager. Olivier eventually earned two degrees, a technical diploma in international trade and an advanced degrees in business and finance. Upon completion of his education, he then took a year to travel, with a particular emphasis on one of his personal passions – surfing.

After returning home, Olivier spoke with a family friend who owned a growing real estate firm in Chile. After the gentleman detailed the incredible opportunities that the booming country had to offer, Olivier bought his ticket and relocated within the year. His first job took him to a tiny town almost 500 kilometers outside of Santiago, where he earned his full-time residency and became building a personal network. Through a friend he made there, Olivier joined Ultramar, a company specializing in shipping, ports, transport, and logistics. Over the course of the next 18 years, Olivier worked his way up through the organization. This trajectory included joining the team at the company’s headquarters in Santiago.

While living in Santiago, Olivier Lavau-Wira continued to immerse himself in Chilean life. This included developing close relationships in the French community based in Santiago. Olivier’s growing social circle was also comprised of many friends that are highly active in the wine industry.

During this time, Olivier also experienced the incredible joy of becoming a father – his beautiful daughter was born in 2004.

His career at Ultramar soon took Olivier out of the country, and he lived for several years in Peru and then Argentina to serve as a Commercial Manager for those regions. In the beginning of 2014, Olivier was fortunate enough to receive an offer from Inchcape Shipping Services, a global leader in strategic maritime, cargo and supply chain solutions. This new position, as Vice President of Marine Solutions,  brought him back to Chile, where Olivier remains and is glad to spend as much time with his daugher as possible.

Outside of work, Olivier Lavau-Wira is an avid traveler, who enjoys going to new places and is very grateful for the international exposure his professional life has provided. He has spent considerable time across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Olivier Lavau-Wira is also a lifelong surfer and motocross rider. His personal interests include sustainability and environmental conservation, as well as philanthropy and community engagement.