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Looking for ways to do family activities without breaking the bank? Well, Do It Yourself (DIY) projects are the best ways to get kids involved with arts and crafts while making your home more kid-friendly.

If you’re unsure of what projects best suits your family needs and expectations, try some of the listed suggestions below.

Basket Olivier Lavau-Wira basket storage photoStorage

For children’s room, storage space can sometimes be limited due to clutter. Clear up some of that clutter by putting things on the wall! With the help of planter baskets, you can place your child’s items at eye level for easy access.   


Car Show

No one hates stOlivier Lavau-Wira toy car photoepping on children’s toys more than me and after doing it nearly 7 days a week you begin to get frustrated and very irritable. One solution that I found worth sharing as creating a “car show” for the millions of toy cars is scattered throughout the house.

By purchasing magnets that are used to hang kitchenware, you can transform a designated wall in your home strictly for the “car show”. Kids love touching walls and showing off their toys and what better way to do so than this?

Mural Dressers

Every come home from a long day of work to find fingerprints on the ceilings and stick figures drawn on the dining room table? Well if you have then you will appreciatphoto for a mural dresser blog by Olivier Lavau-Wirae the idea of mural dressers.

This project will allow your kids to go crazy in the coloring department and you’ll be grateful for it.


Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Rain gutter gutter-bookshelvesbookshelves are a useful and worthwhile addition to any room. Especially, as parents strive to stay neat and organized. Kids are bound to love this project as well.

Books can be easily accessed. Hanging the gutters at eye level or near a bed gives even the smallest child easy access to their growing library.


Reading Cubby

For your little one, a readnew-childrens-librarying cubby is just what they need to inspire them to read. By re-purposing a crib mattress with matching pillows and sheets will make for an unforgettable reading experience.


 Pallet Bed

Re-purpose old pallets, add a futon mattress to make a comfortable bed for kids. The project is one that parents will love.

If desired, wheels can be Olivier Lavau-Wira pallet bed for kids photoadded to the bottom of the bed to free up space and for cleaning. Kids will love the comfy fit.


 Nightlight Birdhouse

This adorable project will be sure to brighten up the room while still putting the kids to sleep. Purchase an unpainted birdhouse and hang as is or paint to suit the room.

*Note that in thnightlight birdhousee picture the cord itself has, in some cases, been painted to match the wall. Insert the night light at the opening of the house in the back.

For more on parenting and DIY projects visit my Pinterest page.